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We are Flow!

A creative hub for communications solutions.

Flow is described as a complete absorption in an activity…

We create concepts and optimize ideas that have the power to transcend during time of intense change.

Our business model is based on a network of communicators, which allows us to offer world class talent and high-impact solutions at competitive rates.

We are specialists in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, style, luxury, tourism, food, and drink industries.

We create brand experiences to ensure a strong connection with audiences.

We are focused on the new generation of communicators and target consumers through an endless number of communications platforms.

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Inspirational Advertising

We are inspired by the power of language and emotional-aware designs to achieve an evolved style of communication

PR & Media Relations

We create narratives to tell powerful stories that are unique to each key target audience

Social Media

We design platforms to create opportunity. This is achieved by analyzing the brand identity and the profile of its consumers


We create unique virtual events filled with experiences, 3D renders and efficient digital platforms, capable of attracting and pleasing the most demanding audiences

Branding Videos

We know how to leverage the impact behind images and messages. We have the expertise to transform communication pieces into an audiovisual experience

Experiential Events

Our work ranges from a Save the Date to a giveaway. We are perfectionists, overseeing every detail to transform each event into an unforgettable experience

Unique Exhibits

We always seek to highlight the most important features in our designs. We strive to utilize novel and “green” products in all of our projects


We change the perspective by offering the “big picture” in HD and 4K. We have the latest drone technologies at our disposal

Hola. Hello. Oi.

Flow Mexico

Lo Dorantes
Founder Director * Creative & Strategic Solutions

Vera González Inzunza, MSC
Partner * Healthcare, Lifestyle, Nutrition & Strategic Solutions